A Collaborative Loss Prevention Program in Ontario

Strictly Confidential offers the Community Crime Prevention Program (CCPP) – a loss prevention program for businesses in Ontario that are in close proximity to one another, such as downtown businesses or strip malls. The more businesses there are within a cluster, the lower the cost will be per business owner. While the cost decreases, the protection and security increases. The CCPP can empower you as a business owner while increasing your overall bottom line.

Through assessment of the area, Strictly Confidential will customize our services for each cluster of businesses. Our services are based on the need of the cluster. We vary our shift times and dates to keep suspects guessing. Depending on the initial scoping, we can provide your members with uniformed or plain-clothes guards. All employees of Strictly Confidential are chosen for their suitability to perform tasks at specific job sites, providing you with quality and customized security services. As a business involved in CCPP, you will receive weekly or bi-weekly reports that will keep you up-to-date on potential threats.

As a business owner, CCPP provides you with optimal security coverage. With lower theft and mischief rates in your business cluster, you will have more shoppers and fewer shoplifters.