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Strictly Confidential is a Private Investigation and Security Guard Agency, based in Ontario. Owner Denise Marcil has over 20 years of industry experience, and she works in the field with her team to ensure you get the highest level of security. Strictly Confidential provides surveillance and security services such as event security, loss prevention, and injury claim investigations. We also offer great programs, such as community safety and the SC Community Crime Prevention Program, which allows businesses and homeowners in close proximity to take advantage of heightened security services at lower rates.

We help a wide range of client types, including:

  • Professionals
  • Retail stores
  • Law firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Other security companies
  •    Private Investigation Training
  •    Security Training

Security for Your Movie Site, Event or Business

We are passionate about improving your security. We have developed new and exciting ways to perform security services for clients of all types. Whether you’re a film producer, business owner trying to reduce theft in your store, or an event manager who needs to ensure the safety of attendees, you can rely on us to help control and minimize any threats. Our full list of services includes:


Deters our Most Persistent Offenders

Strictly Confidential has worked closely with our company to develop and customize a loss prevention program that has successfully reduced theft within our retail environment. This has resulted in an efficient and cost effective operation that has delivered better results with each passing year whilst at the same time providing a deterrent against our most persistent offenders. Their knowledge in loss prevention combined with plain clothes guard service has produced a large return to my profit margins. I would recommend this company to any business or person looking for first rate security service.

The world’s people are all makes and models.

Holding an Event?

We offer security guard services to ensure your guests stay safe throughout the event.

Our Security Services

Got Community Crime?

If you’re part of a group of businesses, we provide community crime prevention.

Our Prevention Program

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